Currently, «1C: Accounting for Latvia 8» is the one of the most essential accounting programs in the market. An ability to use it could have a decisive role for a succesful accountant career or an any other career in an accounting sphere. If you add the «1C: Professional» certificate to a list of demanded by an employer documents, your chances of getting a high prestige job will increase several times. This article will explain what is the «1C: Professional» certificate and how to obtain it.

What is it?

What is  the «1C: Professional» certificate and what kind of an advantages its owner receives? This certificate is an official document issued by 1C company. To obtain the « 1C:Professional» certificate it is necessary to pass an examination, proving your complex knowledge of the different configurations of the 1C program.

Why is the «1C:Professional» certificate important?

This certificate gives a major advantages to both a user and an enterprise. For an accountant this certificate means that he or she has a sufficient experience and the necessary skills to use all the 1C: Enterprise 8 configurations. It gives accountants a confidence in their own working skills, competence and knowledge.

The owner of the «1C:Professional» certificate can expect a prestigious and stable job, the respect from the colleagues and a management team, a fast promotion and, of course, a higher salary.

When recruiting an employee, who possesses the «1C:Professional» certificate, the employer is guaranteed to receive a high-class specialist. This specialist is able to bring a company’s operations to a new level of a recordkeeping. Certificated employees can give an objective estimation of the competence and knowledge of a new applicants as well as of an existing workers. Often it is in the organization’s interest to test their employees for knowledge and competence in the area of the 1C: Enterprise software products.

Which skills and knowledge has the holder of the «1C:Professional» certificate?

Skills of the owner of the «1C:Professional» certificate:

  • Knows how to install and configure the program 1C: Enterprise 8 for usage;
  • Knows how to make the necessary configurations within a program to comply with the current taxation laws or the method of an accounting within an organisation;
  • Knows how to prepare external and internal reporting in short terms, works with the bookkeeping, financial and trade information without mistakes;
  • System administration, data integrity and much more.

How to get certified?

 It is necessary to pass an examination in order to obtain the «1C:Professional» certificate. The examination is made as the test, it contain a 14 questions from the different topics - concerning an installation, a configuration and the work of the program. For each question there are response alternatives.A time for answering all questions is 30 minutes. In order to pass an examination a 12 out of 14 questions must be answered correctly.

The «1C:Professional» certificate is an official document issued by 1C company as a result of the succesfully passed examination. It proves the knowledge of the examenee in area of use and application of 1C: Accounting 8. You have to answer just to 12 questions out of 14 and you are 1C: Professional!

Examination dates:

05 March 02 April 07 May 04 June
12 March 09 April 14 May 11 June
19 March 16 April 21 May 18 June
26 March 23 April 28 May 25 June