1С Subscription service

1С Subscription service

An answer in any of your questions withing the consulting line.
Help to create the regulatory reporting.

A subscription service of the 1C programs is a list of services at a fixed cost, that is pre-approved by the customer. All the tasks are completed on time and within the prescribed timeframe.

Within the contract of the subscription service we will:

  • Update the release and a configuration of the software product;
  • Do the backup, the testing and an update of the databases;
  • Create and configure new users;
  • Set the users access rights in the program;
  • Develop any desired new features;
  • Answer in any of your questions withing the consulting line;
  • Help to create a regulatory reporting.

Additional programming fee can be paid as an advance payment or counting by the expended programmer’s work hours and depends on your contract.

During the time of subscription service our mission is to become for you a reliable and a safe guide in the world of the 1C solutions.


Benefits of the 1C subscription service:

  • Reliable. What to do if your programmist is ill or away for a vacation? In „ETsoft” there always are interchangeable professionals who will come to help on the right time. This is one of the main advantages of 1C subscription service.
  • Efficient. We have all the necessary experts with the broad and functional responsibilities. These are programmers and consultants in all areas of accounting, what guarantees the quality and the speed of  the 1C software product service.
  • Convenient. Service by the subscription contract is available at the any time and by the any type of communication (visit, phone call, internet). Our specialists are ready to consider an application for the any type of work, associated with the 1C software products.
  • Guarantee. If you don’t like the subscription service we will refund 100% of the payment.


How to make a contract

You can contact us for more details regarding the contract for the 1C subscription service in three ways:

  • Call us: 28 448811; 
  • Contact us via e-mail: info@etsoft.lv with the subject “Subscription service”; 
  • Fill in the form below and we will contact you and send you to the specified e-mail all the necessary documentation and materials.