1C:Accounting 8

1C:Accounting 8

1C: Accounting 8 - 360.00 Eur 

“1C: Accounting 8” provides a full-fledged bookkeeping service. This software product gives an opportunity
to register primary accounting documents of any type and to see accounting records they made in bookkeeping. 

Price includes: 

  • installation in the client’s office;
  • training in the client’s office;
  • 3 months of consultation


 Additional bonuses in the “1C: Accounting 8”:

has a built-in system to download the excahnge rates of The Bank of Latvia from website;
has a built-in synchronisation with a “Lursoft” data base, what gives a possibility to check partner’s status by his registration number;
provides a possibility of export fiscal accountability to the Public Electronical Declaration System (EDS).

 Using “1C: Accounting 8”:

“1C: Accounting 8” is a unique software product for the accountancy and it is designed to keep the records for any kind of activity. Accounting features can be easily configured to fit organization’s activity specification: 

“1C: Accounting 8.2” allows to configure an invoicing plan individually or according to the approved organization’s invoicing plan. It is possible to use an invoicing plan that is provided with the standard applied solution “1C: Accounting 8” as well.

According to the accepted invoicing plan as well as to the organization’s activity specification it is easy to configure VAT declarations and applications in the “1C: Accounting 8”.

Additionally there is a possibility to create the individuall several configurations for the statements “Balance” and the “Profit-Loss”: for the tax authorities and for the efficient reporting to the company’s direction.

Functionality of the “1C: Accounting”:

Pay desk and advanced reports: 
  • incoming and outgoing cash orders, 
  • cash-book, 
  • payroll;
Banking operations:
  • money orders, 
  • receiving money on a bank account,
  • bank statement, 
  • exporting payment orders for electronic banking;
Customer & Supplier Relationships: 
  • control of accounts receivable and accounts payable, 
  • control over timing of payments or on debt limit;

Intangible assets,
  • fixed assets, 
  • inventory: income, comissioning, 
  • selling, write-off, 
  • calculating accrued depreciation, 
  • calculating accrued tax;
Accounting of the future revenue and of the future expenses: 
  • insurance policies, 
  • magazine and newspaper subscriptions;
Products and materials: 
configuration of the accounting by the FIFO method or by the weight average method,
operations on the product income and realization, the accrual accounting and an inventory analysis;

Keeping the record of the fuel and the fuel write-off: keep the records of the fuel by type, calculating it in litres; write-off by the waybills, in the context of a drivers or a vehicles;
A salary and a human resource accounting: keep the records of a working time, calculation and the payment of a salaries, a vacation scheduling, the calculation of a hospital sheets, the calculation of an average salary, a calculation of a vacation pay;
Reporting to the tax authorities: the VAT declaration, the balance, the profit-loss.

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