1C:Trade Management 8

1C:Trade Management 8

1C: Trade Management 8 - 570.00 Eur

 The „1C: Trade Management  8” program is oriented towards the automatic management accounting, analysis and planning of the trade transactions, providing the efficient management system for the modern trading enterprise.

Functionality of the „1C: Trade Management 8”:

Purchasing management in the „1C: Trade Management 8”

  • Procurement planning;
  • Compiling orders according to the business strategy;
  • Supply terms control;
  • Supplier payment timeliness;
  • Calculation of the supplied products overhead expenses;
  • Calculation of the discrepancy during supply of the products.

Warehouse management in the „1C: Trade Management 8”

  • Material flow accounting in the terms of a different units of the measurement;
  • Separate accounting of the own products, received products and the products sent for realization;
  • Product accounting by a product’s serial number, an expiration date, etc.;
  • Product accounting by the optional characteristics (colour, size, etc.);
  • Product reservation.

Sales management in „1C: Trade Management 8”

  • Full sales cycle (business proposal, prepayment invoice, payment, waybill);
  • Short sales cycle (prepayment invoice, payment, waybill);
  • Possibility to generate individual sales schemes for the each client or to set a standard sales scheme for the group of clients (payment terms, price terms, allowing a discount);
  • Monitoring observance of the sales scheme.

Product delivery management in the „1C: Trade Management 8”

  • Delivery by the own vehicle including:
  • Delivery area
  • Order of the riding around the delivery addresses
  • Vehicle’s carrying capacity and the volume capacity
  • Delivery by the service company or the carrier.

There is a possibility to print a route sheet as well as a complex of documents, which are required by the client or the carrier.

 Customer relationship management in the „1C: Trade Management 8”

  • Registration of an every prospective customer’s application and later on an analyzing customers acquisition rate;
  • Full contact information about the customers, their contact person(s) and a history of an interaction with customers;
  • Individual approach to the needs and a desires of an each customer;
  • Monitoring of the planned contacts and the agreements;
  • Analysis of an incomplete agreements and the future agreements planning with the clients and the prospective customers;
  • Possibility of the registration and the effective resolution of a client’s claims;
  • Manager-customer interaction analysis and evaluation.

Financial management in the „1C: Trade Management 8”

  • Cash assets planning and accounting;
  • Mutual settlement management;
  • Profitability analysis.

Analysis and a monitoring activity of an enterprise in the  „1C: Trade Management 8”

  • Adjustable report „Gage panel” for the director: it is possible to include a target values and an allowable variations, the previous period similitude, the prospects for the next period;
  • Consolidated report provides a transcript of the each indicator, etc.